Closed shop là gì


closed shop|close|closed|shop

n. Phr. 1. A plant or factory that employs only union workers. Our firm has been fighting the closed siêu thị policy for many years now. 2. A profession or line of work dominated by followers of a certain mode of thinking and behaving that does not tolerate differing views or ideas. Certain groups of psychologists, historians, and linguists often behave with a closed-shop mentality. Antonym: xuất hiện SHOP.

a closed shop

A field of business or competition in which only people adhering lớn certain criteria are allowed to lớn join or participate. A reference khổng lồ factories that only allowed people belonging khổng lồ a particular union to work there. Despite the recent advances of gender và race equality, this industry remains a closed cửa hàng for wealthy trắng men. Up until relatively recently, journalism was a closed shop, open only to lớn those with a very specific educational background. With the advent of the Internet, though, anyone can be, or at least gọi themselves, a journalist.Learn more: closed, shop

a closed ˈshop

a factory, etc. Where only people belonging khổng lồ a certain union may workLearn more: closed, shopLearn more:

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